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Matthew Wilson believes that all software will someday be proven correct (certified secure and bug-free with accompanying verifiable soundness proofs), and he wants to be part of the movement to get there.  He built successful tools in industry for host and network security, including one of the first web reverse-authentication systems.  He has held roles in security and auditing tools development, code review, data integration, and language workbench development at Shutterfly, Accenture, and UMB.
Dr. David Van Horn is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, where he works in the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.  His research concerns developing effective and automated techniques for constructing trustworthy software.  His work on program analysis has transformed the field by making the design and implementation of analysis tools accessible to non-specialists, eliminating opportunities for errors, and drastically reducing development time and effort.  He's developed state-of-the-art malware analysis tools for DARPA and software verification techniques for the NSA. His long term goal is to revolutionize the tools and methods for secure programming, making secure-first programming mainstream for the next generation of software engineers.

TechCrunch Austin - Veradox Launch Event - June 10

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We'll have a table at the TechCrunch Meetup and Pitch-Off in Austin, in the evening of June 10.  The event will serve as our initial launch event, where we will show software developers how to get started using our platform, and we will explain our vision and market mechanics to potential investors.

Company Vision

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Matthew Wilson founded Veradox to give everyone secure-first development tools: analysis and design environments that help programmers and engineers guarantee their systems have certain security properties, with proofs their customers can verify, so no one has to trust the integrity of the software, the intentions of the programmer, the skill of the engineer, or the security of the host system.

Veradox is building a requirements analysis and specification design environment based on the latest open-source languages, proven toolchains, and security-enforcing compilers that together can offer such guarantees and proofs.

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